1 of 3 Common Interview Questions for maritime students (General)

Interview Questions for maritime students

Interview Questions for maritime students

Interview Questions for maritime students:

Tell me about yourself?
A pleasant day to you sir!
The person in front of you is a fresh graduate of (Name of School), with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering/Transportation, who joined different clubs and organizations.

Why should we hire you?
You should hire me because I strongly believe that I am a competent graduate of __________ and I am very confident with my skill and knowledge for my apprenticeship training. I also have the necessary training certificates and documents that are required for my Cadetship

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I believe that my greatest strength in life is my determination to strive hard in order to fulfill my dreams and my family.
My greatest weakness is that I am afraid to fail. But as I fail, I learn from my mistakes.
Why do you want to be an officer onboard?
I want to be an officer on board because I believe that I can use my leadership skills in order to motivate and inspire my fellow seafarers to make them also a leader.

What can you say about your course?
I can say that my course is a challenge for me. Every day I learn new things. It makes me become a better person.

How many years do you want to be a Chief Engr or Captain?

How long will you work for our company?
I believe that is a give and take, and an opportunity to be in this company. So I will stay in this company as long as the company needs my service.
What is a seaman?
Seaman is what we all known as a seafarer. A seafarer is a person who navigates waterborne vessels or assists as a crewmember in their operation and maintenance. I call seaman as a hero of modern time because they sacrifice their lives every day.

What is the reason why do you want to be a seaman?
The main reason why I became a seaman is not to travel around the world but to be a successful chief engineer.
I want to work onboard the vessel and help my family.

 What are the pros and cons of being a seafarer?

What motivates you to become a seafarer?
My greatest motivation is my dream to become a world-class chief engineer.
How will you surpass the challenges and difficulties of being a seafarer?
Hard work and Prayer. You need to work hard in order to become a competent marine engineer and Pray to God Almighty for guidance and strength

What is leadership?
Leadership is the ability to inspire or influence others towards the leader’s goal. Leaders have followers. If someone has followers, he or she is a leader.
What is your favorite subject?

Tell me about your favorite subject.

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