Crew Change (PART 1) : Alamin ang opinyon ng isang expert na Kapitan

crew change


By: Capt. Edgardo Flores

Easily the pressure of CREW CHANGES is now emerging as one of the biggest problem in INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INDUSTRY. If the problem of crew changes can not be solved in the next 2 months, the entire Maritime Industry in the world is headed towards a chaotic situation.

Seafarers, Shipowners and Manning Agencies are more than ready to perform Crew Changes but unfortunately view to COVID 19, the RED TAPES and Personal vested interest (the reality), the process is being hampered and prevented to be done.

Resiliency is one of the characteristics that shipowners considers in hiring Pinoy Seafarers, but there is a limit in everything. Now the clamor of going home start to affect seafarers onboard. Even the relievers ashore who are waiting to be despatched are now very eager to leave again view to financial difficulties.

CORONA VIRUS caught the world by surprise. No amount of risk assessment, Incident/accident investigation and Corrective Action can prevent an invisible situation like this. DISARRAY is the right word of what is happening now in the world, not even the powerful countries are prepared.

But somehow we must do something to save the situation. We must not lose the last frontier we have, that is the SHIPPING INDUSTRY. Can you imagine the world without SEAFARERS? The world will stop turning. I’m appalled and very disappointed that this issue is being neglected specially by our leaders here in our country.

Traditional seafarers are being ignored and our lead agencies are more concern on landbased OFW’s and crew of cruise ships ( no offense meant to my fellow OFW). Traditional seafarers other than crew of cruise ship are being punished for not being recognised their importance. Let us not wait for the worst scenario to come when our seafarers onboard go insane due to prolonged contracts. It will create more chaos that we can ever imagine.

THE WORLD WILL STAND STILL. I want to call the attention of all concern Government LEAD AGENCIES to look seriously on this coming fatal situation soon to explode. Let us remove all RED TAPES, pick up the pieces and act in unison. More delays means CHAOS. Traditional Seafarers must be the first priority as FRONTLINERS. They are the SAVIOUR of the world.

My personal view and opinion po..

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