Don’t fall in love with a seaman

Don't fall in love with a seaman
Don't fall in love with a seaman

Don’t fall in love with a seaman:

Don’t fall in love with me, I’m a seaman. I’m not like your usual guy. I’m already branded as a womanizer just because of my profession. I’m a seafarer, and I report to every port, they say. So don’t dare fall in love with me. I cannot be there for you all the time. I cannot comfort you when you’re sad.

I cannot even physically say sorry when you’re mad. I cannot accompany you to every place you wanna go to. And for sure I may not be there if you start carrying our child. The usual events, birthdays, Christmas, new years, or any other holidays – might as well forget them if you decided to stick with a seafarer. I have not much to offer you, unlike someone who always going to be there for you. I cannot even offer you my full loyalty, for I too am confused about how to be loyal to my own family, ‘coz when you’re a seafarer ‘you’ means ‘you and your own family’. So do not fall in love with a seafarer, for I will only give you a hard time, not as hard as my job, but just a glimpse of what I’m going through each day without you by my side.

What I can only offer is my dedication to you and our future family. I can only make sure to provide you with everything that you need. I can only make sure that you and our future kids will eat 3x a day, and they can go to some school without any worries. I can only work for us until I can work no more. I can only make sure that life’s good for our family even though it means that I’ll be sacrificing most of my life at sea.

And, indeed, only a strong woman can love a nobody like me. 😑


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